Foundation: The study analyzed the impacts of rural land use hones on riverbank disintegration of floodplain of stream Jaldhaka (Mansai) at Tikiner singe (island), Bhowerthana town, Cooch behar, West Bengal. Riverbank disintegration or bankline movement is a typical wonder of compelling stream Jaldhaka because of its plaited condition, defective land hones, rural land use hones and other hydrological variables claims exceptional consideration in geosciences field.

Comes about: Waterways are dynamic and consequently through the procedure of disintegration, transportation and testimony delivers all element landform along its course. While disintegration is a characteristic procedure, human exercises have expanded by 10-40 times the rate at which disintegration happening universally.

Conclusion: The study was done utilizing essential in light of perception and meeting strategy and it demonstrates that the bankline relocation because of disintegration and horticultural practices of the study region. Despise bank disintegration rate 8.71 meters/year amid 2010-15 has hinted at continuous decay from its soonest records 17.92 meters/year amid 1995-2010 at the eastern piece of Tikiner scorch and aggradations at the rate 4.21 meters/year amid 2010-15 and 12.35 meters/year amid 1995-2010 in the western piece of Tikiner roast.

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